The Best Christian Books of All Time

Best Christian Books can cover a wide range of topics. Some offer practical wisdom for getting through difficult times or navigating relationships. Others are more philosophical and explore the deeper aspects of spirituality and religion.Christian Books

Yancey uncovers a Jesus far different than the flannel graph Sunday school figure and cultural cliches that keep him in religious boxes. His honest book will challenge and inspire you.

The Bible is considered to be the most important book for the Christian faith. It contains the word of God and tells the story of how God redeemed humanity by sending his son Jesus Christ to live on earth. The Bible offers guidance in many areas of life and Christians often turn to it for advice or reassurance. The Bible teaches about a variety of topics including love, jealousy, trust, death and forgiveness. It also explores human emotions such as fear, sorrow, joy and hope.

The Christian faith can be a difficult one to understand. Fortunately, there are many books that can help you become a more informed and devoted Christian. These books can offer you new insights and perspectives on biblical scriptures that can help you better relate to God and Jesus. These books can also help you deepen your relationship with Christ and form a stronger bond with him.

Some of the most popular Christian books include The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel – This book is an investigative analysis of Christianity’s most challenging questions. It has sold over five million copies and was made into a movie. Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis – This classic apologetics book covers the basic arguments that most Christians use to defend their beliefs. It includes the famous “Liar, Lunatic, or Lord” trilemma argument. Other great options include – Jesus Calling by Sarah Young – This book is written from the perspective of Jesus and allows readers to hear his voice through scripture.

Augustine’s Confessions

Often overlooked, this classic work by Augustine (354–430) is an essential part of Christian reading. It’s a spiritual autobiography that blends in philosophic explorations and exegetical meditations. Augustine narrates scenes from his past but does so not to tell a linear, chronological life story, but as a means to glorify God’s providential grace that transformed him from a lecherous adolescent into a Christian convert.

The most well known events in Book 1—the loss of his favorite book (chapter 5) and the illness and death of a close friend who had reverted to Manichaeism (chapter 6)—are universal experiences that all Christians will encounter at some point in their lives. But Book 7—which covers the years that immediately preceded Augustine’s final conversion—is more akin to a philosophical text than an autobiography in its focus on the process of thinking and the various perplexities through which he passed before his ultimate commitment to Christianity.

Those who read it should not be discouraged by the fact that it can be difficult to understand at times. It is not intended to be a quick read and will take some time and effort to dig through its various layers of thought. Those who do will discover an important work on the nature of Christian faith and on biblical interpretation. It will also expose them to a different way of thinking than is commonly found today, where many believers take a literalistic approach to Scripture that can lead to misunderstandings of the meaning of Scripture.

To the Golden Shore: The Life of Adoniram Judson

The first American missionary to Burma, Adoniram Judson’s story is one of the most important in Christianity’s history. This inspiring, faith-strengthening book chronicles his arduous journey to open a hostile country to the Gospel. Its overtones of Christian faith and the Bible make it a great read for Christians who are looking to strengthen their own spiritual lives or to introduce others to the power of Christ’s redemption.

The Bible is the most important book of all time, but there are other books that have a profound impact on the Christian faith as well. These are some of the best Christian books to help readers deepen their understanding of God and form a close relationship with him.

How to Pray for Your Wife: 31 Prayers to Strengthen Your Marriage

This is a great book for married couples who want to pray together. Each chapter of this book has a specific prayer that the couple can use to communicate with God about different topics in their marriage. This book is a must-have for Christian families.

The Reason for God

The Reason for God is one of the most important Christian books of the modern era. It answers the questions that skeptics and even ardent believers often have about Christianity. It uses literature, philosophy, real-life conversations and reasoning, and pop culture to show that belief in a Christian God is a very soundly rational belief.

The resurrected Jesus is the foundation of the Christian faith. But, what if the resurrection stories of Jesus’s followers were more than just the story of a man coming back to life? What if they were a profoundly challenging call to live as Christ lived and for God in the world? This book unlocks the meaning of the resurrection for Christians and challenges them to be more like Christ.

Celebration of Discipline is one of the best primers on core spiritual disciplines. It balances the practical and the theological to help Christians understand how to activate their faith through practices that often involve sacrifice, suffering, or pain.

Whether you are struggling with depression or anxiety, this is a must-read for all Christians. Its resounding call to find healing in the presence of God will resonate with anyone who has ever struggled to trust and find hope in the face of uncertainty. In a sea of self-help and “spiritual” books, this is an authentic and biblical book about finding hope in Christ and in his Word.

In the Bleak Midwinter

This is one of the most important Christian books because it helps us understand that God wants His people to be healthy and whole, but He also knows when boundaries are needed. Lysa TerKeurst uses powerful personal stories and advice from counselors to help us understand that healthy boundaries are not selfish or unloving. She also provides insight into how to determine how much personal and emotional access someone should have based on their responsibility and character.

C.S. Lewis was known for more than the iconic Chronicles of Narnia, but his fascination with religion was just as deep. Mere Christianity gives you a look at an era in history when Christians burned people for reading the Bible, and a man named William Tyndale risked his life to translate it into English for the first time.

A Christian book on the attributes of God, this is a short but powerful read that challenges you to bow down and worship this amazing God. It is essential for Christians to have a proper understanding of the holiness of God and to be in constant awe of his magnificence.

It is also a good idea to become familiar with the creeds of the Christian faith, including the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds. They are not only a source of historical and theological knowledge but also offer profound spiritual comfort as you realize that the faith that has stood the test of time is true.


Gilead is a fictional memoir written by the dying pastor, Ames, as a letter to his young son. It is a stream of consciousness that is more akin to an epistle than a traditional novel, and the result is a beautiful narrative that is both meditative and moving.

The series is set in a theocracy, and religious language permeates every aspect of its society. It is used to justify even the most savage characteristics of the regime, such as Offred’s role as the Commander’s Handmaid. Her job, like that of Rachel and Leah, is to allow the infertile wives of the Commanders to have children. The Commanders read passages from Genesis before each Ceremony, attempting to moralize the crude intercourse that will take place.

While many of the characters in Gilead seem to truly believe in the regime, it is also implied that many of them use it as a tool to advance their own personal interests. This is particularly true of the members of the Committee, who are now the Commanders, and it is suggested that they are using their power to destroy the country they claim to love so much.

Gilead is named after the biblical city of Gilead, which was occupied by two Amorite kings, Og of Bashan and Sihon of Heshbon, before being conquered by the Israelite tribes during the Exodus. It is also the name of a shrub (Pistachia lentiscus) that was once used as a medicine.