Burger King Impossible Burger & Beyond Meat

Vegan Food Has Entered The Mainstream And That’s A Good Thing!

The healthiest and most efficient way to produce meat is with plants.

As Ethan Brown from Beyond Meat so brilliantly stated in his letter attached to the company’s updated prospectus:

“None of these core elements of meat is exclusive to the animal. They are abundant in the plant kingdom. The animal serves as a bioreactor, consuming vegetation and water and using their digestive and muscular system to organize these inputs into what has traditionally been called meat. At Beyond Meat, we take these constituent parts directly from plants, and together with water, organize them following the basic architecture of animal-based meat. We bypass the animal, agriculture’s greatest bottleneck.”

Makes sense to me. 

However, food still has to taste good and products have to be marketable and profitable.

What was once holding back the sales of veggie options on a mass scale is that the vegetarian options that existed just weren’t considered by consumers as a comparable, plant-based alternative.

They were considered veggie burgers, by the public and corporate alike, whereas the new wave of vegan burgers coming to market are meant to be meat burgers, made from plants and science.

The bar has certainly been raised and the public and corporate perception have shifted, in a big way. 

A&W Canada now carries Beyond Meat Burgers at all their locations as well as a breakfast sandwich that you can order 24/7.

They were so popular that they sold out upon their initial rollout in July of 2018 and sales rose nearly 10% for the quarter.

Making the decision to release the breakfast sandwich that much easier.

Now, The Impossible burger, which is being tested for a nationwide rollout at 59 Burger King locations in St. Louis, MO, will likely come to Canada as Narcity (kind’ve) confirmed.

Large companies seem to be catching on. 

Maple Leaf Foods just invested 310$ million into a plant-based protein facility to keep up with demand and develop new products.

In the US, the Impossible Burger can be found at 6000 US Locations including Red Robins, White Castle, Carl Jr’s, and Wahlburgers and are a nationwide hit, with many consumers not being able to tell the difference!

Nestle is even now releasing their Incredible Burger (Europe) & Awesome Burger (US).

“We believe this trend is here to stay, as consumers look at different ways to enjoy and balance their protein intake and lower the environmental footprint of their diets.” Wayne England.

I certainly think the floodgates have opened and this is only the beginning of what is going to be a major food revolution.

While I have trepidation about companies like Nestle entering my idealistic vegan world, I also believe that shifts in corporate perspective are exactly what’s required to change course on a scale large enough to avoid the effects of man-made climate change. 

What about you? 

Are you happy to see plant-based options reaching a massive audience?

Have you tried all these burgers?

Let us know!

René Benoit

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