Maple Leaf Foods Invests 310 Million into Plant Based Protein Facility

Maple Leaf Foods, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Greenleaf Foods, which produces Lightlife and Field Roast products, has invested 310 million into the future of protein, which they believe is plant-based. 

They will begin construction of the largest North American facility for plant-based protein spring of this year in Shelbyville, Indiana, about 50 km from Indianapolis.

“Plant-based protein is on the cusp of becoming mainstream with incredible growth potential.” said CEO Michael McCain of Maple Leaf foods in a conference call with investors.

“Our world-class research and development teams are shattering what were once thought to be the culinary boundaries of plant-based protein products, and our new facility will take those ideas from development to commercialization.” 

The new plant will double the company’s current production capacity and 30% of the new facility will be devoted to product innovation.

It is expected to employ 460 people and fully operational by the end of 2020.

Maple Leaf Foods will invest an additional 26 Million US into existing facilities to keep up with the overwhelming demand for plant-based protein.

René Benoit

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