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Are you planning on making a trip to the Niagara Region soon?  A breezy hour and a half from Toronto, it makes for an easy day trip.

Before moving to the area, I used to visit the Niagara Region quite frequently.  The area has sooo much going for it.

You can visit the 100’s of vineyards that adorn the countryside, go for a hike on the many trails, lounge at the beach, play a game of poker at the casino, or the most notorious of all attractions, go see Niagara Falls.  Whatever your style is, there is surely something for you in this beautiful region.


Since moving to St.Catharines almost a month ago, I have been pleasantly surprised by the vegan choices this city has to offer.  There’s vegan donut shops, cafes, and my latest obsession, Mediterranean food.

After my visit to Greece last summer, my obsession with Greek food has been taken to a whole new level.  So, when I heard about The Lemon Tree, the VEGAN Mediterranean bistro located on Ontario Street I was over the moon.

I’ve never been to a Greek restaurant where EVERY SINGLE ITEM on the menu was available to me.  I knew this could be dangerous (and expensive) but a girl’s got to splurge every once in a while.

What I love most about the restaurant, aside from the obvious (mentioned above) is that they don’t make up names for menu items.  They don’t call it an “UNCHICKEN Dinner” they just call it a chicken dinner.  I like this, I already know EVERYTHING is vegan, they don’t need to invent words for me to understand it further.  They also have house-made feta cheese, authentic Greek-style dips and everyone’s favourite these days, A Beyond Meat Burger if you feel like having something more Canadian.

The waitress was super friendly and attentive, which is imperative when making a good first impression.  The decor was basic with nice accent pieces like succulents and pictures of Europe on the walls.

We were excited to see a Nescafe Frappe on the menu and of course ordered one of those with no sugar.  It was reminiscent of Greece, which was a good start to the meal!  I drank half before I got a snap of it, ooopsies!

Next, we ordered the Mezze Platter – $20 – Which featured a dip platter with original and roasted red pepper hummus, tzatziki, spicy feta, grilled pita, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, olives and cubed cheese.

I was pleasantly surprised by the traditional dips.  The spicy feta has a nice bite to it, the tzatziki was nice and garlicy, just the way I like it.  The hummus’ were a bit too earthy and oregano tasting for my liking, so the winners of the dip category were definitely the spicy feta and tzatziki.  The veggies were perfectly ripe and the pita was warm and delicious.  The cubed cheese was good, I think it was Daiya with jalapeño accents.

Next we ordered the Open Chicken Sub – $15 – Which features chicken with caramelized onions, mushrooms, and melted mozzarella cheese served on an open face 7-inch sub bun.  This came with a side, we opted to upgrade our side for $3 extra and got a poutine, because no matter how much I love Greek food, deep down I’m still a Canadian.

The Lemon Tree Retaurant St Catharines

This was super tasty. The chicken was moist, the caramelized veggies were nicely seasoned and the sub bun was toasted to a golden brown.  The poutine was near perfect in terms of what one looks for in a poutine.  The fries were thick and fresh, the cheese was meltly and the gravy was rich and flavourful.

We planned to get baklava but unfortunately, we were STUFFED so we couldn’t get one this time around, although we regretted not getting one to go later on in the day.

All in all, I really enjoyed The Lemon Tree.

I will definitely be coming back, maybe even making it a regular spot, especially now that I know they have Nescafe Frappes!  If you are in the Niagara Region definitely add them to the list of VEGAN MUST DO’s.

Have you had? Let us know in the comments!

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