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CRU is a new restaurant located at 100 Yonge St with Chef Jonathan Williams leading a warm and welcoming team.

Although not an entirely vegan menu they certainly know how to cook vegan food properly.

Speaking with Jonathan after my meal I learned their mission is to accommodate all food preferences and requirements and are always eager to have an opportunity to be creative when it comes to allergies or out of the box requests.

Anyone and everyone can dine together at CRU, and if you live or work downtown in the Financial District you know this is a blessing.

After sitting down near a window I was presented with this.

These dishes have all been veganized and some appear on the menu as a vegetarian dish, so make sure to tell your server your preferences when ordering.

The Cavatelli Pasta with Eggplant Bolognese

“The pasta sauce, we roast eggplant, carrots, onions, all small dice so it resembles a bolognese sauce and we roast a lot of vegetables (eggplant, tomatoes, onions, root vegetables, Kombu seaweed) make a paste with that which we add to the sauce, then red wine, San Marzano tomatoes and simmer it for 3 hours. Once that’s done we finish it with vinegar/sugar and fresh herbs.”

Chef Jonathan Williams


Roasted Sweet Potato with homemade kimchi, sesame seeds and cilantro

I think my favorite of all the dishes. Chef has a knack for pickling – which was also noticeable on the ‘Nduja below.

Vegan ‘Nduja – Spicy!

A play on andouille sausage, which is classically spicy, I was surprised by just how much kick this had.

Picture a spicy vegan paté topped with pickled fennel and fennel fronds.

Grilled Eggplant with a miso glaze, shisho, & soy nuts

This is sweeter than it looks. The eggplant was charred but super creamy and soft on the inside.

I’ll definitely be back to CRU.

Chef says he often likes to switch things up and experiment with new menu items. 

Based on his pickling skills I would love to see a vegan charcuterie board that brings out the kimchi and the ‘Nduja un-sausage even further. Maybe some fancy mustard?

Definitely some fancy mustard.

Have you been to CRU?

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