REVIEW: Little Tucker Energy Balls

While I’m not usually a huge fan of “energy balls” my recent experience with Little Tucker has honestly changed my mind.

Turns out these Little Tucker’s are some delicious little f*ckers!

110 – 140 Cals per ball, 2 Balls per package.

I ate 2 in a sitting and it definitely felt like I had a meal and I was good to go for several more hours.

2 might even be too much if you are about to partake in physical activity and I would save one for afterward!

If you have the will power.

I further appreciated that I could easily pronounce all the ingredients in their products, which is mostly dates and other delicious, plant-based awesomeness.

Gluten & Sugar Free!

Which is totally great because I have been personally trying to reduce my refined sugar intake and I find that most bars or similar products in this category are loaded with sugar and are essentially candy.

Anyways, this is a terrific little product and I totally dig them.

I also appreciate Laura’s story who move here from Australia and wanted to share her love for plant-based food with us.

In Australia, Tucker describes food that has been harvested from the land.

“It was first used by Aborigines as ‘bush tucker’ to describe the nourishing food they harvested from the land – such as berries, nuts, and roots. Little Tucker forages the food market to source high-quality ingredients that together make wholesome ‘tucker’ that fuels your day and fills your heart!” Laura


So Bam! While I did not get paid to say any of this you can get 15% off your own order by using our promo code:


Have you already tried little tucker?

Please let us know in the comments!

Have a wonderful day.

René Benoit

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