Toronto’s Best Vegan Burgers 2019

Wondering where to get Toronto’s best vegan burgers?

Toronto is home to some super tasty vegan burgers and if you’re visiting Toronto this year for our world famous Vegfests, or maybe just trying to kill some time at work looking at burgers (we don’t judge), our local chefs are serving up some legit vegan burgers.

Bloomer’s – 873 Bloor St West

Bloomer’s are located near Ossington station and have a very hearty seitan, black bean, and mushroom burger. 

I believe they also have the best fries out of this list, y’know, the really skinny, crispy ones, that are super crunchy and perfect with ketchup.

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Burgers Priest view their website for locations

Check out their vegan burger call “The Daniel

With so many locations across the GTA, you will never have to go without.

Grasshopper– 310 College St, 3080 Dundas St W, 2252 Queen St E

A local fan favorite! Now serving Toronto with 3 locations Grasshopper Eatery is a great place to grab some uplifting vegan comfort food and some of Toronto’s tastiest vegan burgers.

Hello 123 – 1122 Queen St W

The Kimchi burger at Hello 123 is a thing of dreams and yet exists here in reality.

You can make this dream come true at any time.

Fresh – 147 Spadina, 326 Bloor St W, 894 Queen St W, 90 Eglinton Ave, 47 Front

Now with 5 Locations! Let’s be honest. Everything at Fresh is awesome.

Why would their burgers be any different?

They aren’t! They are also awesome.

The Hogtown Vegan – 1056 Bloor St W, 382 College St

Now with two locations! The Hogtown is a great place to get some kick-ass burgers and fries that will likely leave you in need of a recovery nap. This is a good thing.

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Planta Burger – 4 Temperance

A sister company to the ever popular Planta, its sole focus is on the almighty burger.

They have many flavourful options such as The Jackpot, The Firehouse, The California, and often showcase specialty burgers for those who like to think outside the bun.

Vegandale Brewery (Doomie’s) – 1346 Queen St W

The menu from Toronto’s ubiquitous vegan fast-food joint Doomie’s can now be found within the Vegandale Brewery and yes, you can still order the Vegan Big Mac! 

Wow, that’s a lot of burgers.

Did we miss YOUR favorite burger?

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