Canada’s New Food Guide Says Goodbye to Dairy!

The 2019 Canadian Food Guide is officially live. The guide was revealed January 22nd by Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor in Montreal.

Compared to previous versions the new 2019 Canadian Food Guide has an emphasis on plant-based proteins which are high in fiber and do not contain saturated fats.

Dairy has also be removed as a food group.

While vegans and vegetarians across the country are certainly rejoicing, this is a monumental change for all Canadians in terms of health and longevity,  the health and welfare of millions of animals, as well as the health of our environment.

The new guide explains that more than half of any meal should consist of vegetables and fruits, a quarter from whole grains and a quarter from protein-rich foods.

Protein-rich foods now emphasizing tofu, nuts, and legumes.

Other notable mentions regarding our everyday eating habits are more hands-on and introduce the concepts of

Eating Mindfully, Cooking More Often, Eating with Others, & Enjoying your Food.

And don’t forget to wash it down with a cup of water!



All excellent advice for a healthier, long-term, sustainable, plant-based lifestyle that is focused on well being.

This is a very proud time to be Canadian and I believe our friends at Animal Justice said it best:

We applaud Health Canada for seeking truth from science and refusing to bow down to the influence of industries that inflict horrific suffering on animals. These changes to the Canada Food Guide will surely inspire a more sustainable, animal-friendly, and healthier future for Canadians.”

What are some changes you will be making to your diet based on the new Canadian Food Guide? 

Let us know in the comments below!

René Benoit

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