Response: Canadian Burger Chain Sells Out of Plant-Based Patties - Bloomberg

Response: “Canadian Burger Chain Sells Out of Plant-Based Patties” – Bloomberg

Two months after their initial Canadian roll-out, Beyond meats Beyond Burger has sold-out across Canadian A&W locations.

According to Bloomberg’s original article by Jon Skerritt

The Beyond Meat burgers sold out nationwide in a matter of weeks,” said Chief Executive Officer Susan Senecal. The veggie burgers will be back in stock across Canada Oct. 1.

“It became even more popular than we had expected,” Senecal said in a telephone interview from Vancouver. “Plant-based protein has gained in popularity and it really is something people are very interested in.”

This is exactly why I believe it is so important to buy vegan options at chain restaurants like this.

Even if the offerings are not 100% perfect!

Without tooting my own horn, I said back in June that the only problem A&W will face with their rollout of Beyond Burger is keeping enough stock.

That is indeed the case.

As Jon Skerritt’s article further details, large-scale meat producers like Tyson and Maple Leaf Foods have invested significant money into plant-based protein.

This is a massive indicator that times are changing. The writing is on the wall and the big players see it.

Plant-based protein is the future.

So much so, that they are now investing in the same companies which will make their current animal-based products, obsolete.

I believe economics and capital pursuits are the forces that will bring about the shift towards a more plant-based diet. 

Which is why it is so important to continue asking for vegan options as well as continue to constructively provide feedback to companies on how to improve their current offerings.

Most companies are happy to listen.

Especially when you let your money communicate on your behalf. 

René Benoit

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