REVIEW: Vegan Social Events Sept 6th

Avra Epstein and her team from Vegan Social Events, which includes vegan event organizer Little by Little as well as local vegan YouTubers, The Two Market Girls, take veganism, sustainability and good times, very seriously.

And I’m glad they do, cause they throw a hell of a party.

I can honestly say I do not believe I have ever eaten so many varieties of vegan cheese in one evening. 

Very seriously at least 15.

Life level = Expert

Zengarry were present with 7 flavors – my fav is the red pepper but also the cumin… but also the jalapeno.

Stokes Vegan Cheese held nothing back either and was out in full force with this awesome platter plus homemade spanokopita.


What turned out to be my find of the night was Culcherd and their spicy jalapeno which was delightfully spicier than any other jalapeno I have tried to date.

Culcherd Vegan Cheese Vegan Social Events

One of my favorite aspects of this event was the focus on sustainability and I especially enjoyed the talk by the Sustainable Duo as well as the booth by Bare Market & Zero Waste Bulk

If we are going to be conscious of what we consume we need to be conscious of how we consume it.

According to the Love Wild Live Free website, on average, a vegan diet saves:

  • 4,200 liters of water per day
  • 45 lbs of grains per day
  • 20 lbs of CO2 equivalent per day
  • 2.8 meters squared of forested land per day (source)


However, there is always room for improvement and we have to consider everything from manufacturing, to packaging, to shipping, to how we transport our lunches and share snacks. 

It’s a lot to consider but it is also of great importance and I really appreciated the information and products which were present as well as the insight and knowledge I walked away with.

And now, it’s time for a selfie!

Say cheese!

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