5 things you must try at Veg Food Fest 2018!

Mini Pogo by Mythology Diner

This is a veganized version of a nostalgiac childhood indulgence.

They are only available this weekend so try them before they are gone!

The Nana Shake

The team behind The Nana Shake are some of the coolest people ever.

Not just because they are serving up the best Banana Ice Cream I’ve ever had (though they are doing that) but also because they are a passionate and friendly team with an amazing product and their outgoing attitude and customer service just brings it all together.

Total support!

Parka Food Co – Mac n Cheese Bar

This year Parka has an entire mac n cheese bar!

Featuring a new Potato Burger Mac as well as this bubbling cauldron of happiness. 

King’s Vegetarian –  Mock Duck Chicken & Fish on a skewer, Drumsticks, BBQ Buns

Truth is I tend to eat Kings Vegetarian every 60 mins or so while wandering around the festival.

They just have all the tasty things and I can’t help but nibble.

That’s their fault. Not mine.

Most items are 1$ to 2$.


The sister restaurant from the good folk at Apiecalypse Now! (also at the festival) are back again with their giant, sassy, heavy metal burgers which are not for the faint of heart.

One is likely enough but if you’re trying to sample the wares, you’ll want to team up with a friend.

What’s been your favorite so far?

Let us know in the comment section and we’ll see you tonight for round 2!

René Benoit

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