Vegan Pizza Virtuous Pie 611 College St.

Vegan Pizza joint Virtuous Pie Opening Soon: 611 College St W

Virtuous Pie is a popular West Coast Pizza chain with 2 locations in Vancouver, another in Portland, and will soon be serving up delicious plant-based pizza here in Toronto!

Soon to be available in Little Italy at 611 College St this fall, 2018.

Last summer at the Vegandale Food & Drink Festival Dr. Pamela Fergusson Rd and I had the opportunity to try Virtuous Pie and we both thought it was a welcome addition to the already kick-ass list of amazing vegan pizza we have here in Toronto.

Since then, Torontonians have been patiently waiting for their Little Italy location to open so we can continue feeding our faces with their delightful, vegan pizza pies.

As they say, patience is a virtue.

Follow their progress here!

And check out these drool-worthy insta shots!

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