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RECAP: Vegandale Block Party

This past weekend was the inaugural opening of the latest additions to the Vegandale neighborhood, Not your Mother, Copenhagen Vegan Cafe, and the Vegandale Brewery.

In total, Vegandale now has a total of 6 businesses operating within the Parkdale neighborhood.

3 of which are now in the same building.

Doomies, which has moved from its old location, as well as Not your Mother, can now be found inside The Vegandale Brewery.

Don’t worry, all your Doomie’s favorites can still be found here! Mythology Diner, The Imperative, and the newly opened Copenhagen Vegan Cafe are all still within a few steps.


I stopped by the hood on Saturday afternoon to scope the scene.

Vegandale Brewery

Exterior The Vegandale Brewery | Plant Based Toronto

Easily my favorite new addition to the neighborhood.

I think it’s convenient to have three options within the same building and all your favorites from Doomie’s can still be found here. 

Essentially this is Doomie’s with the addition of beer and ice cream.

That logic checks out with me!

The beer is still being brewed by Duggan’s on their behalf. 

The pilsner tastes a lot like an IPA and the IPA a lot like a Pilsner. 

The animal fries are still my fav.

Animal Fries Vegandale Brewery | Plant Based Toronto

As for their marketing, I don’t find it too preachy.

Almost humorous as I certainly haven’t seen many situations where a person’s morality improves with their alcohol consumption. 

What do you think?

The Vegandale Brewery | Plant Based Toronto

Not your Mother


Attached to the brewery is “Not your Mother“. An all vegan ice-cream parlor which shows you do not need dairy to satisfy your craving for cold, creamy treats.

As they say, “Not your mom? Not your milk!”.

Not Your Mother Not Your Milk | Plant Based Toronto

Ok again, what do I think of the marketing?

I think its truthful and honest and I’m ok with it.

It’s a true statement to say that if you are not a baby cow you shouldn’t drink cow’s milk.

That is biologically factual.

We are not cows.

Copenhagen Vegan Cafe


Cheesecakes, regular cakes, and cupcakes. They sure love their cake.

As well as other sweet treats! 

I am far from having a sweet tooth so here are some pictures of other people’s food.

I had a good experience and I think Vegandale is a fun marketing concept.

I’m hoping they also find some space for a more whole-food concept as I simply can’t eat burgers and drink beer all the time.

Trust me. I’ve tried!

Did you make it down this weekend?

Are you going to the Vegandale food and drink festival?

Hope to see you there!

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