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Toronto’s Vegan Neighborhoods

Vegan neighborhoods are popping up all over the world from Berlin to Los Angeles, and Toronto, CA is no different.

In fact, according to Happy Cow’s new Top 10 Vegan-friendly Cities, Toronto is amongst the world’s top vegan destinations! Let me explain why.

Toronto, Canada is home to dozens of vegan restaurants, as well as two of North America’s biggest vegan food festivals, The Veg Food Fest as well as Vegandale’s Vegan Food and Drink Festival.

We are blessed to have three vibrant and well patronized vegan neighborhoods here in TO.

Not too shabby.

Bloorcourt and Bloordale for instance, also known as “Vegan Alley”, are two connected neighborhoods spanning a portion of Bloor St from Lansdowne to Christie.

There are a number of vegan restaurants in this strip which are staples of the Toronto vegan food scene such as Apiecalypse Now, Bloomers, & Through Being Cool, to name a few.

This strip has not always been a desirable destination, it makes sense that this up and coming neighborhood would become a prime location for fledgling vegan businesses to establish themselves.

Vegan Alley is now a popular destination for vegan food, craft beer, patios, parks and good times.

If you are visiting Toronto, this neighborhood is very affordable and easily accessed on foot, or by public transit, just get off at Christie Station, grab a slice at Apiecalypse, then start your journey west.  

Another vegan neighborhood and likely more well known is “Vegandale”.

Vegandale is actually a neighborhood within a neighborhood.

The entirely vegan businesses that comprise Vegandale are located next to each other along a small section of Queen Street West, the main street which runs through the wonderfully vibrant and colorful neighborhood, Parkdale.

Vegandale is a very impressive project brought to us by the team at The 5700 as a destination for vegans to eat and shop ethically at either Doomies, Mythology DIner or The Imperative.

The 5700 are also the team behind the Vegandale Vegan Food and Drink Festivals now operating in Toronto, New York, Chicago, and Houston.


And they are not done. I recently spoke with Eva Lampert.

Eva, this year’s Vegandale Food & Drink Fest in Toronto is now a 2-day event! Would you go on record to confirm that Toronto’s appetite for amazing vegan food is growing?

We’re very excited to be expanding our hometown Vegandale festival from a one day show to a weekend-long event for the first time! We’ve seen incredible growth from 2015 until now and it’s definitely a reflection of the demand for more vegan options from vegan and vegan-curious people alike.

Radical! Can you please tell us about this summer’s new additions to the Vegandale neighborhood and what we have to look forward to?

The Vegandale block is exploding with new options this summer, including the recently opened Vegandale Brewery, Nor you Mother, and Copenhagen Vegan Bakery as well as two other soon to be announced destinations. Our mecca is making sure to cover all tastes so people can see just how easy and enjoyable it is to be vegan.

Thanks, Eva!!

Want more?


We have a 3rd neighborhood known for vegan fare and that is Kensington Market.

Kensington Market is one of Toronto’s oldest and most frequented neighborhoods and is, in fact, more of a district than a market.

It is pedestrian friendly, culturally diverse, and home to vintage clothing shops, Poetry Jazz Bar, Local craft, as well as tons of legit vegan food.

While no one has attempted to rebrand this neighborhood, everyone visiting Toronto should schedule a few hours of any visit to wander up and down the streets, buy some cheap sunglasses, and try King’s Vegetarian, Saigon Lotus, or Cosmic Treats.

Or all of them.

Pro Tip: Saigon Lotus has a Lunch Special , King’s Vegetarian has steamed curry buns for 1.49$, and Cosmic treats has a patio with beer.

Writing this article has allowed me to take pause and appreciate just how much amazing vegan food there is here in Toronto.

We have a great variety of affordable options all throughout the city and I promise you I’m never far from a delicious and affordable vegan meal.

Does your city have its own vegan neighborhood? Let us know in the comments!!

Are you visiting Toronto soon? If so, drop a line and i’ll point you on a virtuous path.

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