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The Burger’s Priest have a new vegan burger called The Daniel!

While Torontonians and the rest of Canada have been watching the news regarding A&W’s roll-out of the Beyond Burger, Burger’s Priest at Queen & Spadina location added their own vegan burger called The Daniel.

This is a beet-based burger, which is a popular ingredient to help gain the red color associated with traditional hamburgers.

I think this burger is a good start.

I believe there is still some room for improvement with the texture – which was quite soft. I believe it would also benefit from some Vegenaise, Chao or avocado to add some additional texture but also some fat and flavor.

Still a tasty little devil.

What impressed me the most about this burger is the ingredient list, which is whole food, plant-based.

Patty: beets, kidney beans, diced onions, corn flour, hemp seeds, potato starch, assorted herbs & spices.

Sauce: coconut milk, beets, red peppers, plus a blend of herbs and spices.

I’m willing to bet that after getting their feet wet in the plant-based market and selling out every single day, Burgers Priest will give this burger a lot more attention and we’ll see it evolve over time and roll out to all their locations. 

Have you tried it yet?

René Benoit

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