6 Tips for a Low-Carb Plant-Based diet

Now that you know my story, here are some pointers I would give to anyone looking to transition to a plant-based based diet, who are concerned about their blood sugar or carb intake. 

1. If you don’t like the idea of eating low carb, then just do it for 1 meal, and make it BREAKFAST!

Starting out the day with a good smooth blood sugar level will make the rest of the day much better. Also, the body is a lot less tolerant of carbs in the morning because of all the other things happening with our hormones when we wake up.

2. Reduce the number of processed foods you eat.

Try and eat as many whole vegetables in one day as you can. My blood sugar is always so much happier when I eat whole foods, processed junk isn’t going to help your health in any way and are usually very inflammatory for the gut.

3. Make warm salads!

Lightly steam your greens before eating them. Your gut will thank you and you’ll be able to absorb more nutrients then if they were raw. You’ll feel satisfied and probably consume more veg then if they were raw.

4. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new foods.

Before I was vegan I wouldn’t try a lot of new foods but now I try everything! I’ve found some of the foods I was more hesitant to try are now some of my favourites, like tempeh, turmeric, and fennel!

5. Be your own chef.

Cooking for yourself will take out so much of the guesswork when it comes to calculating your carb counts. It will also give you peace of mind knowing exactly what you’re eating! The quality will be better, and it’s much cheaper too.

6. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

The fact that you’re even trying to take control of your health and making an effort to feed your body with better foods is amazing. If you have a bad day and eat a bunch of junk food, or go off track, that’s OKAY! I still do and I feel great.

Article Courtesy of Abby David from bettingonsugar.com

Hi, My name is Abby, I’m a 23-year-old Vancouver native currently living in Toronto, Canada. I’m a musician, health enthusiast and lover of all things chocolate.

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