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5 Low-Carb Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

When it comes to eating out as a low carb, vegan, type 1 diabetic, things can get a little interesting, to say the least.

In the past couple of years, restaurants have come a LONG way in terms of catering to different diets. I can now go almost anywhere and find something that fits into my low carb, vegan lifestyle!

That being said there are some restaurants in Toronto that go above and beyond when it comes to providing options for this way of eating.

Here are my top 5 places to go to get a lower carb, satisfying, vegan meal!

Veghed (Dundas West) This place has hands down the best salad in the city. The small restaurant only offers 2 or 3 items on their menu but they do those items SOO well. Their signature salad has over 20 non-gmo, organic ingredients in it and is served in a ginormous box. They also have a variety of low carb drinks to choose from as well.

Ital Vital (Kensington Market) The food at Ital Vital is packed with flavour. This west indies, take out joint is serving up some of the best food in the city! Basically, when you go in, you can order a small or large box for a reasonable price and they give you a huge portion! You get to fill your box with a variety of the foods they cooked that day. They always have lots of stewed, non-starchy veggie dishes to offer and their bbq soy is literally one of the best things I’ve ever tried. 

Hello123 (West Queen West)  This place has the coziest atmosphere in one of the trendiest parts of the city, West Queen West.  They also offer lots of low carb options. Their lettuce wraps are amazing and definitely one of my go-to items to order. I also love their cauliflower tahini bowl. You can sub any grains for more veg – so tons of variety to choose from. Also their cocktails are so tasty and you can ask for them unsweetened!

Vegetarian Haven (Baldwin village) This place makes amazing, heartfelt food. They offer yummy low carb appetizers (including my favs, oyster mushroom tempura + garden free rolls.). Their entrées are also so satisfying, you can order any of their dishes with extra veg and no rice. They don’t use any garlic or ginger at this restaurant but somehow manage to season the dishes perfectly!

Live Organic Food Bar (Annex)  If you’re looking for a variety of low carb, vegan options, this is the place to go. They offer a range of low carb, vegan appetizers (including a low carb 7 layer dip), low carb grain bowls (they offer all their bowls on steamed greens), and a whole raw section that is basically low carb, vegan heaven. They make a raw bread from nuts and seeds that is so satiating, it comes with the raw reuben sandwich! They also offer low carb vegan desserts.

Did I miss your favorite low carb spot? Let me know in the comments below and make sure to check out my full story, as well as these tips on how to eat a low-carb, plant-based diet.

Thanks for reading!

Article Courtesy of Abby David from bettingonsugar.com

Hi, My name is Abby, I’m a 23-year-old Vancouver native currently living in Toronto, Canada. I’m a musician, health enthusiast and lover of all things chocolate.

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