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Ontario Vegfests 2018

There has never been a better time to be vegan in Ontario.

It’s actually quite remarkable just how many Vegfests there are these days.

It’s a full-time job just keeping up!

But don’t worry yourself, traveler, it’s a job I take seriously.

In fact, I did a roundup of all the local Vegfests for those keen on following the Vegfest circuit this year.

Because I cant have you missing out on anything…

Hamilton Vegfest May 5th – Free

Mississauga Vegfest May 12th – Free

Sarnia Vegfest July 8th – Free

Ottawa Vegfest  June 2nd 3rd – 5$ (kids under 10 Free)

Niagara Vegfest  June 2nd 3rd – 5$ (kids under 12 Free)

KW Vegfest July 7th – Free

Vegandale Food and Drink Festival Aug 11th 12th – early bird pricing now Sat & Sun Early Bird: $20.00 Sat $15.00 Sun $10

Muskoka Vegfest Aug 11th – Free

Toronto Vegfest Sept 7- 9th – Free

Peterborough Vegfest Sept 16th – Free

Guelph Vegfest Sept 22nd – Free

Windsor Vegfest Sept 30th – TBA

Durham Vegfest Oct 13th  – Free

Kingston Vegfest Oct 20th – Free

Veg Fest London  Nov 10th – 5$


Did I miss one?

Ah heck, well, no one’s perfect.

Let us know in the comment section and I’ll add it in!

See you at the next meal.

Vegandale Food & Drink Festival 2017 | Photo: Plant Based Benoit
Vegandale Food & Drink Festival 2017 | Photo: Plant Based Benoit

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