Parka Food Co. Plant Based Toronto

Parka Food Co. | 424 Queen St W

Website | (647) 764-1188

424 Queen Street West | Queen & Spadina | Chinatown

Toronto has a new place for gourmet vegan fast food.

Parka Food Co. is located in the heart of Queen Street West. Similar to the sleek and minimalistic interior, Parka’s minimal menu focuses on high-quality food.

The portobello burger ($12.80) consists of a marinated portobello mushroom patty, fresh arugula, chipotle aioli, crispy onion rings, tomato, and guacamole – all sandwiched between a fluffy bun. The juiciness of the portobello is complimented with a crispy, deep-fried onion ring that gives the burger a nice bite.

Their truffle mushroom mac ($11.30) is made from fusilli and coated in a creamy, cheesy sauce – without the cheese. A layer of smoky, sautéed cremini mushrooms tops the mac, followed by a generous sprinkle of basil. Balanced by the umami flavour of truffle oil and cremini mushrooms, this savoury mac and cheese is sure to win over any vegan or non-vegan.

Everything on Parka’s menu is made from scratch, and their staff are friendly. Though their menu has no more than 10 items, everything is truly flavourful and all their ingredients are high quality.

You’d think gourmet vegan fast food is an oxymoron, but Parka accomplishes just that.

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Eunice Lee

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