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Pizzeria Libretto now has Vegan Cheese!


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You may know Pizzeria Libretto.

They are a local Toronto Pizzeria and they make some first-class pizza.

In fact, they are a certified authentic Neapolitan Pizzeria. That means a lot of things about the type of oven, and flour they use as well as the fact that the pizza needs to be thin, and foldable and have a blistered crust.

You don’t need to remember all those details, but if you are into authentic Italian pizza, and you’ve been missing it since ditching dairy, Libretto has got you covered.

Libretto vegan pizza is all those beautiful things.


If you read my review of Virtuous Pie this summer, you will know that the crust is a very big deal to me. It has to be thin but tender and should have a slightly sour flavour. Libretto crust is just about perfect. Could be a little tangier (in my opinion!) but the texture is a 10/10. I could eat this pizza every week.

Vegan cheese

This is what you’ve been waiting for, right? Libretto actually magics up this cheese in-house! This is a cultured vegan cheese using non-GMO soy as the plant-based milk base. Libretto uses organic and premium ingredients, and the cheese is dairy/nut/corn and gluten-free.

Margherita Pizza with tomato, basil, & vegan cheese $15 | Plant Based Toronto
Margherita Pizza with tomato, basil, & vegan cheese $15 | Plant Based Toronto

It is also DELICIOUS. I recommend trying the Margherita first, so you can get a good taste of the cheese without other delicious toppings confusing you. This cheese is scarily similar to buffalo mozzarella  – but good news! It’s not scary; it’s not dairy!

It is creamy, velvety, smooth and every so slightly salty sweet as perfect (vegan) mozzarella should be. Please do give it a try.

Margherita with arugula and mushroom | Plant Based Toronto
Margherita with arugula and mushroom | Plant Based Toronto


When you are ready to branch out, Libretto does offer other toppings. I went for arugula and mushroom. Someone asked if there was too much arugula on this pizza!!?? Is that even possible? I don’t think so. As much as I loved the classic Margherita, I think I loved the pairing with the peppery arugula and umami-flavoured mushrooms even better. I drizzled it all liberally with chili oil and went straight to pizza heaven. Twice.


Money can’t buy me love, but it can buy me a fine pizza. This is not your by-the-slice price. The pizza was $15 and the cheese was an extra $3. Extra toppings were extra.

Libretto – take all my money. Your pizza just about had me in tears. Really good pizza was the thing that was hardest to give up when I went vegan. Actually, it was the only thing that was hard to give up. And now. I don’t have to.

And you don’t either! Give Libretto vegan pizza a try. You’ll love it.

See you at the next meal!

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