Main Vegan Deli

Nut cheese. It might not sound appealing, but rather rude – regardless, if you’re vegan, you’re familiar with this cruelty-free, dairy alternative.

Unfortunately, it’s not always done right.

Enter MAIN VEGAN – my top pick from last weekend’s Vegan Food & Drink Festival – making waves in the vegan cheese world!

Havarti Dill

One small melt-in-your-mouth sampling of their Dill Havarti and I was SOLD! I just had to learn more, so I connected with the owner to get the full scoop on their “cheese” making process and the story behind MAIN VEGAN

When founder and owner Helen transitioned from vegetarian to vegan two years ago she thought that her cheese habit could be satisfied with the array of artisan vegan cheeses on the market.

Even though these cheeses were, in fact, delicious, they lacked something in texture and melt-ability.

It was then she decided to experiment with several different methods and recipes and after many, many failed attempts she finally had what she craved, a firmer, meltable cheese that was still made from organic cashews, hemp and herbs.

All of the MAIN VEGAN cheeses start with a traditional method of cheese making.

The cream is cultured with a variety of vegan cultures depending on the cheese that is being produced. After several days the curds are separated and processed into their respective cheese. The cheese is then aged and dried and finally cured with a variety of rind washes. The result is truly spectacular.

They went out to create a cheese that tasted and behaved like dairy cheese; comforting, delicious and easy to cook with. All while still using healthy and organic products with wellness in mind.

Needless to say, they nailed it.

Onion Cheddar

If that wasn’t enough, Helen has gone the extra mile to create great tasting entrees to complement these wonderful cheeses, and hence, Main Vegan Deli was born.

All of their products are free from preservatives and are always Non-GMO.

Furthermore, everything is vacuum packed for freshness and their plant based frozen meat alternatives really do make being vegan THAT much easier.

After all, their motto says it all: ‘Convenience with a conscience’.

So what’s your take? Are you up for trying some conscious cultured goodness?!

PBT Team

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