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PBB: Toronto Veg Brunch is a local meet-up run by our very own Peace Love Jenny. Every month Jenny runs a poll and then organizes an outing for the group. 

It’s always a great time and it is a really fun way to try out new restaurants while making a few friends along the way.

Today we all ventured to Planta, Yorkville’s first Plant-Based restaurant.

Planta was opened by David Lee with the help of Chase Hospitality Group in order to fill a void in the market of upscale, full service, plant-based dining options.

This is only the 3rd time I’ve been to Planta, though, I have only ever had good experiences there, and today’s was no different.

Excellent food, beautiful environment, terrific service.

Jenny, what were your thoughts?

Peace Love Jenny outside Planta | Plant Based Toronto

PLJ: Planta is my favourite vegan spots in Toronto.  The food quality is top tier, the atmosphere is light, clean and a bit exotic and the menu is to die for.

I’ve never had a dish I wasn’t satisfied with, in fact, I’ve never had a dish at Planta that I didn’t brag about and crave again soon after my visit.

The chefs at Planta put a lot into the presentation, after all, you eat with your eyes first, and the wait staff is friendly and tentative.

During this particular visit, I had a glass of watermelon sangria, then my boyfriend and I split the Greek Pizza (with melty almond feta!) and a Planta burger.

We were incredibly full afterwards but after 15 minutes of chatting with friends, I decided I NEEDED to try their June feature dessert which was the Strawberry Pavlova.

The average brunch bill seems to be around $50 per person with drink and dessert, which is on the pricier side; but, it’s Yorkville, and the quality of food and good vibes here, I really shouldn’t complain about the prices.

Oh – And don’t forget to take a few obligatory snaps of yourself in the cage chairs by the bar.

Hanging Chairs at Planta

PBB: As it turns out, the Planta burger and Greek pizza were incredibly popular options as I also ordered the Greek Pizza, along with several others in our group!

Planta Greek Pizza | Plant Based Toronto

It was a miracle.

Thin crust bursting with flavour. Olives, Sundried Tomatoes, Almond Feta.

I ate the entire thing.

No regrets.

Though I have to admit, I faltered come decision time, as earlier on I had seen the Planta Burger coming from the kitchen and it was looking pretty sassy.

Luckily my pals at the table ordered it. Though I suspect they shared it under protest.

Planta Burger 18.75$ fully loaded with queso, bacon, pickles, tomatillo mayo, potato hash

Planta Burger 18.95 with Potato Hash | Plant Based Toronto

Other notable options were the:

Crab Cake $21.75 w/ papaya, cucumber & mango slaw, lemongrass & kaffir lime leaf dressing

Crab Cakes $21.75 hearts of palm, spinach, coconut milk, warm spices

Land Lox Pizza 17$ smoked carrots, cashew mozzarella, capers, onions, potatoes, arugula

Planta - Land Lox Pizza 17$ smoked carrots, cashew mozzarella, capers, onions, potatoes, arugula | Plant Based Toronto
Planta Land Lox Pizza

Land Lox Platter $16.75 smoked carrots, capers, bagel, cream cheese

Land Lox Platter $16.75 smoked carrots, capers.bagel, cream cheese | Plant Based Toronto

I guarantee we left Planta feeling satisfied.

It’s a great restaurant and I recommend going to check it out sometime, though as Jenny mentioned, you gotta budget at least 50$.  Check out their full menu here.

See you at the next meal!!

Have you been to Planta? Share your thoughts or experience below!

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