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Website(416) 596-1908

334 Queen Street West | Queen & Spadina | Chinatown

Despite its name, The Rivoli doesn’t serve ravioli like you’d think it would. It does, however, have a great number of vegan options if you’re looking for a restaurant that caters to omnivores and herbivores.

Located in the heart of Queen Street West and sandwiched between other stores on the lively strip, The Rivoli is the place to go on a Friday night. The space itself features an open-concept lounge room with pool tables on the upper floor, a stage for live jazz performances, an outdoor patio, and an open bar.

The Rivoli serves contemporary Asian and Canadian fusion-style fare. Appetizers include Laotian Spring Rolls (filled with asian herbs and spices, stuffed with vegetables, featuring a side of peanut dipping sauce), your typical guacamole and chips, edamame (topped with nori and sweet chilli soy dipping sauce), skinny fries (seasoned with fresh herbs, veganized without the side of garlic lemon aioli), and Wookie balls (a deep fried sesame rice ball served as an innuendo to Star Wars).

Their salads, if not already vegan, can be veganized if indicated to the kind waitstaff who are knowledgeable about vegan accommodations. For their main dishes, The Rivoli’s classic pad thai and their quinoa and rye berry veggie burger can be veganized as well.

The interior at The Rivoli is a tie between modern and older industrial. The dimly lit space is perfect for a date night or a jazz concert – both of which the venue is built for. The actual space itself is divided into three sections: the bar area, the sit-down eating area, and the upstairs billiards and open stage area.

Click here to see their menu in detail.

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